Green Island Asian Flooring Company started trading activities in the field of sports since 1981 with the commercial brand name of the Park. In 2011, by launching artificial turf and running track production line in Shiraz special economic zone, entered the industrial cycle of Iran and renamed to Green Island Asia Flooring Company. Based on the ability and experience of executives, high quality and production standards, so far, many artificial turf, athletics tracks and multi-purpose sport halls flooring projects has successfully completed in different parts of Iran by contracting with most.
government organizations and departments such as development and maintenance of sports facilities of Iran company, youth and sports general directorates, municipalities, housing foundation of Islamic revolution and other organs and the private sectors.Green Island Asian Flooring Company, the best artificial turf manufacturer in Iran, by providing the most quality artificial grass for sports and landscaping purposes, after more than 7 years of focused development, has served clients from different regions with different needs, including professional football clubs, government agencies, schools and countless private sectors all over Iran


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16 Feb 19
چمن مصنوعی چیست

چمن مصنوعی محوطه فرش مانندی است به شکل چمن که از مواد پلاستیکی و پلی اورتان ساخته شده و برای مصارف م...

31 Dec 18
کفپوش سالن ورزشی

در میان اجزاء وبخش های مختلف اماکن و سالن های سرپوشیده ورزشی کفپوشها از اهمیت ویژه ای برخوردارند.این...

12 Dec 18
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